6 Reasons to Visit a Chiropractic Clinic to Help You Lose Weight

Over 35 million Americans visit a chiropractor every year, with 77% finding it a very effective treatment for back pain. Most people see a chiropractor for chronic pain issues like head, neck, and back pain.

But what many people don’t realize is that going to a chiropractic clinic can also help with weight loss. Chiropractic care addresses many areas, like spinal alignment, pain, and nutrition. Even more, chiropractic treatments paired with a healthy weight loss program can help you lose weight and keep it off for good.

If you’re looking to lose weight and haven’t seen a chiropractor yet, it’s time to learn more about how they can help you.

Keep reading this guide to learn six reasons to include chiropractic care in your weight loss program!

1. Reduces Pain

Chronic pain from a car accident or a condition like arthritis can significantly impact your body as a whole. Not only will you be less likely to exercise, but you’ll feel unmotivated too.

Additionally, taking medications for pain may make you feel more tired than usual. Certain pain medications can even cause you to gain weight.

One of the main treatments you’ll get is chiropractic adjustment or spinal manipulation. During an adjustment, your chiropractor will apply a sudden force to your spinal joints using their hands. Most people have adjustments for neck pain, lower back pain, or headaches.

Adjustments help to get your spinal joints back in alignment, taking pressure off nearby nerves. They also help ease muscle tension and pain.

Having less pain will allow your body to handle the physical stress of a daily exercise program.

2. Improves Body and Brain Communication

When your spine is misaligned, it puts pressure on the nerves within the spine. When this occurs, there can be a disruption in the nerve signals between the brain and the body. One signal that travels along these nerve highways is a signal that controls your hunger.

Your body releases the hormone leptin to regulate hunger. Hormones are chemicals that are responsible for different functions in your body.

Leptin gives you the sensation of feeling full. This hormone acts in the brain stem and leptin receptors throughout your body. If there are problems with the nerves in your spine, this communication does not get through as well as it should.

As a result, it becomes more challenging to maintain a healthy diet over time.

Regular chiropractic care can help restore these signals and make it much easier to lose weight and stick to an exercise program.

3. Improves Energy Levels

Having chronic pain leaves you with much less energy than usual. If you think about it, you don’t sleep well when you’re in constant pain. On top of that, a lack of sleep leads to increased feelings of anxiety and depression.

A lack of sleep can also increase the hunger hormone ghrelin, which is a hormone that increases your appetite.

Once you begin getting chiropractic treatments, you’ll have less pain overall. In turn, you’ll be sleeping better, and you’ll have better control over your appetite. Eating less and getting the sleep you need will improve your energy levels.

Overall, having more energy will allow you to be active and live a more healthy lifestyle.

4. Increases Motivation

Once you have less pain and more energy, your motivation levels will naturally increase. This can serve as some serious inspiration to start your own personal fitness journey. One of the first things you should do is make an appointment with your doctor.

Before starting any new fitness routine, you’ll want to ensure you’re in good overall health. Your doctor and chiropractor can help you assess your current health and decide what kind of program would be best.

Remember to set realistic goals for yourself and start small. Even just doing 30 minutes of exercise a day makes a significant difference.

5. Decreases Stress

Stress impacts your health in many ways, and many people don’t realize stress makes maintaining a healthy weight more difficult.

This is because when you have high-stress levels, you have more of the hormone cortisol in your body. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone and is released by your adrenal glands during stressful times. This is also known as a “fight or flight response.” However, once the perceived threat is gone, the adrenaline wears off.

Cortisol kicks in to supply your body with energy as your blood sugar goes down, which causes sugar cravings.

Seeing a chiropractor regularly can decrease your stress overall. First of all, chiropractic adjustments not only reduce pain but also improve flexibility. This makes it much easier to do new exercises like yoga.

Chiropractors typically offer other therapies like therapeutic massage and acupuncture, which decrease your stress even more. Finally, chiropractors teach you how to reduce stress in your daily life. For example, mindfulness meditation is a helpful way to do this.

6. Focuses On Nutrition

One of the best things about chiropractic care is that it takes a holistic approach to your health. This means a chiropractor will focus on your body from the inside out.

So, when you go to a chiropractor, you aren’t only getting spinal adjustments. Chiropractors also take an interest in your nutrition, offering nutritional counseling with each visit. This is because following a healthy diet makes chiropractic treatments more effective.

A weight loss program like ChiroThin involves an anti-inflammatory and low glycemic index diet. This type of diet can reduce inflammation since it’s low in sugar and incorporates fresh foods and whole grains.

You’ll take a natural dietary supplement with nutritional ingredients to help your body stabilize blood sugar.

This program lasts for six weeks, and you’ll see a doctor or healthcare professional once a week during the program. They’ll monitor your weight, blood pressure, and BMI and help you with any challenges.

Finally, health coaching gives you various strategies to help you lose weight and change your lifestyle.

Combine Chiropractic Clinic Visits With ChiroThin for Long-Term Weight Loss

Visiting a chiropractic clinic is a great way to reduce painful symptoms and embrace healthy living.

Remember, an effective weight loss program, along with chiropractic visits, can help you lose weight and keep it off. The good news is you can turn to ChiroThin to help you with your weight loss goals.

Our supportive and effective weight loss program includes nutritional supplements to help you with your energy and appetite. Our supplements contain only the highest quality ingredients, and we use a proprietary formula you can’t find in stores.

Are you ready to get started on the path to a healthier you? Schedule your appointment with Caring Hands Health and Wellness.